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I was so excited to be able to make decent cross stitch patterns, thanks to a program upgrade a few months ago, that I decided to go crazy and make a pattern for several different techniques. I quickly realized that I was making a cross stitch pattern with way too many half stitches, which I hate doing. So after this set I will probably only be making whole stitch cross stitch patterns with a half stitch thrown in here or there. Bloody exhausting.

The image I picked is of an old Norse/Slavic pendant called a Lunula, that only women would wear. The one I based this particular set on, I found the image on Pinterest, but found this link with more information:

Pretty cool huh? There is a nifty one on that site made with birds, that I might try my hand at some day. Since I can’t afford a nice shiny reproduction I will be stitching mine. I have a pair of jeans that need a little cross stitch action……after I finish my holiday presents :(

I have two knit/crochet patterns, a cross stitch, and a Perler bead pattern for you fiber impaired folks out there.

Let me know what you are making or if you have any pattern requests! If it catches my imagination I might just whip it up.

Enjoy the Lunulas!


Knit/Crochet/Full Stitch Cross Stitch

Knit/Crochet/Full stitch Cross Stitch, Bordered

Cross Stitch Blues
Cross Stitch Greys

Perler Blues
Perler Greys

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