When Meerkoons attack

I live in the city, right across the freeway from a Downtown, in a bad part of town, “The Hood”. One night I went out to get Mr Whiskers who was whining at the door. I go out & a pack of raccoons were running by, heard me, and promptly ran under my car. At this moment I was glad that I didn’t own a hunting dog, for my car would surely be totaled.

For some strange reason this idea popped into my head:

Herds of half Racoon, half Meercat. Yes, my brain has obviously been tampered with. I made some Perler bead patterns out of these little guys because I didn’t think anyone would want to knit them, but then again I do make strange patterns. You can use them to knit if you like, the patterns are basically structured the same.

Keep your trash can lids secure and enjoy!


Calm Meerkoon

Grabby Meerkoon

Pensive Meerkoon

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F.P. Molina

I make things, sometimes good things, sometimes weird things, mostly nerdy things. I like shows with wormholes, and nano-viruses, and Winchesters. I've been called a cat whisperer, I prefer dogs.

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