I’m one of those weird Gluten Free people, I know it sounds crazy, but I feel 100% better when I don’t eat that fantastically tasty stuff. Which means when I get certain cravings I only get as close as smelling them, then back away slowly. Every once in awhile I get a craving for a nice maple roll, or on one particular day DONUTS! So I made patterns instead.

There are several sizes and variations to choose from, to fulfill all your Gluten-Free yarn fantasies. I made a trivet with plastic canvas (in purples) using the washcloth pattern, but gave it to my sister-in-law before I got to take a pic. I’ll try and steal a shot the next time I visit.



Large Donut Black
Large Donut Color
Large Donut Color With Outline
These are good for adding to pillows or sweaters if used with larger gadges. I base everything on 5×5 per square inch.

Color Donut
Color Donut Washcloth
Black Donut
Black Donut Washcloth
These donuts can be used for larger Perler bead patterns as well as stitching.
These washcloth patterns make larger sized washcloths.

Small Black Donut
Small Black Donut Washcloth
Small Color Donut
Small Color Donut Washcloth
These small patterns are great for adding to smaller projects, as well as for Perler bead fusing.
These washcloth patterns are great for what I think of as the smaller “Person Sized” washcloths.

Donut Tiny Color
Donut Coaster
Donut Tiny Black
Donut Black Coaster
These tiny donuts are great for adding to smaller projects, Perlers bead fusing, and even bead weaving projects.
These coaster patterns are great for using up leftover yarn to make matching table coasters.

Fair Isle Variations (Small Print)
Fair Isle Variations (Large Print)

Donuts & Coffee


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