Rack’um Up

I’m kind of a hermit. I like sitting alone, tinkering with my yarn or paints, or fabric, or objects of complex origins. I’m the one at parties who tries to find the darkest most hidden place to sit, but it usually doesn’t work. People like me, dogs like me, cats like me and kids like me, it’s a curse.

The other night my Landman caught me coming home with a couple arm loads of pilfered jewels from my old roomate’s “moving party” ( and some stuff I accidentally left when I moved, like my Awesome Cookie Sheet!!). I was weighed down & slow, I could not evade him. His nice friend was hanging out & they talked me into playing “One Game of Pool”. Yep, it was well after midnight before I got to carry all my goodies upstairs. I was also too tired to chop up the veggies to make soup in my newly acquired crock pot. Socialization, totally kills my food prep.

So today I have a nice rack of pool balls to stitch, since for some reason I couldn’t remember how to rack 8 ball properly, please don’t tell my uncle’s they will mock me for years.



20131103-133754.jpgPool Rack


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F.P. Molina

I make things, sometimes good things, sometimes weird things, mostly nerdy things. I like shows with wormholes, and nano-viruses, and Winchesters. I've been called a cat whisperer, I prefer dogs.

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