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Valentine’s Hearts and Our Favorite Night Vale Couple

Hello Stitchers!
That time of year is upon us where candy, diamonds, and cheesy romance movies are thrown in our faces. It is Valentine season, so I decided to whip up some knit/crochet charts that go with the season, and some that express the true love between one of my favorite couples, Cecil & Carlos (Celios if you are in the know).

If you don’t listen to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, I strongly suggest you at least listen to the first one. It is not your average podcast, it’s more of a radio play. Cecil is a local radio host from the desert town of Night Vale, and Carlos is the brilliant and dreamy Scientist who comes into town. Carlos finds that Night Vale is the most scientifically interesting town in the world. Things in Night Vale just do not follow the rules: Beware of librarians, do not enter the dog park, and above all else Hail the Mighty Glow Cloud!

So today I have a couple Valentines charts, one happy, and one on the mend. I also have quite a few Cecil & Carlos charts. There is something for every level of color work stitcher, from beginner to “I want as many strands as possible”. Each set is basically the same chart with different color variations. I almost forgot, I made some charts of the great Night Vale eye as well. Don’t worry cross stitchers, I have some special Night Vale patterns up for you soon.
Red Heart for these charts
All the colors above are used in today’s charts, and are from the Red Heart Classic Yarn Collection. Some other good Acrylic options are Vanna’s Choice: Eggplant (Dark Purple), Dusty Purple (Purple), and Choice Raspberry (Pink).

I hope you have a good Valentines Day. If you get bored on your date night you could alwayssend my friend Matt Ward (Stand up comedian and swell enough guy), a tweet because Saint Valentine stole his birthday. Personally I will be watching Anything For Love because Patrick Gilmore is in it, and it seems I only leave the house for puppies and family anymore (yes mom I know this is why I’m still single).

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, boxes of chocolates, bad links, or pics of your creations (my favorite).



HEARTSHeart Knit
Broken Heart Knit
CC HEARTCecil Heart Carlos Purple Lavender Knit
Cecil Heart Carlos Black White Knit
CC BLOCKSCecil Heart Carlos Block White Knit
Cecil Heart Carlos Block Pink Knit
CC HEART MIC BKRColors = Words, Background, Border
Cecil Heart Carlos White Black Purple Mic Beaker Knit
Cecil Heart Carlos Black Pink Black Mic Beaker Knit
Cecil Heart Carlos White Pink Purple Mic Beaker Knit
Cecil Heart Carlos Black White Black Mic Beaker Knit
Colors= Beaker, Background, Border
Microphone Beaker Purple Lavender Purple Simple Knit
Microphone Beaker Lavender Purple Black Simple Knit
Microphone Beaker Purple Black Pink Simple Knit
Microphone Beaker Lavender White Lavender Simple Knit
MIC BKR REGULARColors= Backgroung, Boarder
Microphone Beaker Purple Black Regular Knit
Microphone Beaker Pink – Purple Black Regular Knit
Microphone Beaker White Purple Regular Knit
Microphone Beaker Black Purple Regular Knit
MIC BKR MEDIUMColor= Beaker, Background, Boarder
Microphone Beaker Pink Black Purple Medium Knit
Microphone Beaker LLavender White Black Medium Knit
Microphone Beaker LLavender Pink Black Medium Knit
MIC BKR COMPLEXMicrophone Beaker Pink Extra Knit
Microphone Beaker White Extra Knit
MIC BKRMicrophone
NIGHT VALE EYEThe Great Night Vale Eye Pink Knit
The Great Night Vale Eye Lavender Knit

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