*sticks out tongue*

A few months ago the whole internet was all a buzz about some award show that Miley Cyrus was on. I had no idea she had another album or grew about two feet. I am not up on my pop culture.

I clicked on some link just to see what the hubbub was about. There was a guy wearing a beetle juice outfit and some oddly placed bears. This includes the one on Miley’s outfit. Personally this is not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I went to art school, after drawing naked homeless men at 7am you grow a thick skin.

My friend Rain has been an avid Miley supporter since the media got on her case about being lude. Personally I would have given her a C+ on her performance, it didn’t seem professional enough. She got the + for shocking the media, since it seems that’s what she meant to do. She could have done a better job at that as well. People need to calm down, it wasn’t that exciting. I’m not a fan of the tongue, but she’s been doing that her whole life. I’d rather think about hot cocoa, or Doctor Who.

So for my dear friend Rain and her positive backing of a kindred quirky kid (one that happens to be in the spot light), I bring you this Miley Cyrus pillow chart. I made a DMC cross stitch chart as well, maybe a simple mini pillow for your desk at work?



Miley Cyrus – Pillow
Miley Cyrus – Cross Stitch DMC
Miley Cyrus – Perler

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