Graphs for the hapeless fiber artist

How to read a chart

What does all this mean?

If knitting or crocheting, I highly suggest you ignore the “size” and just do the math. You should be making your test swatches! *in school matron voice*

Directions on how and why you should make test swatches before you start stitching

How to stitch different kinds of knitting charts


emma lloyd says:

Hi I’m totally new to knitting I know basic knit and purl stitches…can you please advise me on how to create this as my son has been after a scarf with TMNT for ages….Each square =1 stitch? Sorry for the dumb question

F.P. Molina says:

Yes, each block is a stitch. Don’t worry about asking questions, I’m always willing to help. It can be very confusing when you first start out. I recommend looking up how to knit “intarsia”. There are many good blogs and YouTube videos out there. Thanks for stopping by! Let me know how it turns out :)

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