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Melinda Freakin May!  0

It has been almost a month since I made a post, seems like forever. Life got a little hectic and then I went home to visit my family for Easter. I have some new housemates, Boots Kittie, Leo Kittie, my new ball playing buddy Harry the dog, and their mom. My allergies and throwing arm have gotten quite a workout. (Harry isn’t very bright but he’s fun and pretty adorable)

Butters Kittie is adjusting but Whiskers Kittie is not a fan of the new company. He pretty much hates everyone though.

If you are at all into the comic book genre, or action, you should really check out Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. One of my favorite ladies Ming-Na Wen, is on it and plays the bad ass Melinda “The Calvary” May. I love me some good hand to hand combat and she sure brings it!

So today I have a Melinda May pattern for you, “pillow sized” as per my norm. I have a square block and a knit block chart. Color and B&W, so you can mix up the colors however you like.

Don’t worry, I have some charts in the works so you won’t have to wait long for more nerdy charts! Please don’t forget to catch me on tumblr, or tweet me, or comments, to let me know who you would like to stitch, or just to say hi!


Melinda May Knit Chart

Melinda May Cross Stitch Chart

Melinda May Color Knit Chart

Melinda May Color Cross Stitch Chart

Abbadon, such a classy Demon  0

I got a snow day today. It was so exciting I decided to stay in bed a bit too late and chart a couple of things. In reality I charted one thing, or person, or Demon, ok She’s a Knight of Hell bent on being Queen of Hell: Abbadon! She also happens to be played by the wonderful Alaina Huffman.

Two pillow sized charts, also with the DMC color charts for the cross stitchers.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Enjoy, you crazy little Hell spawn!



Abbadon Screams Pillow Knit


Abbadon Screams Pillow
Abbadon Screams DMC


Abbadon DMC

Save, save often  0

Last night I was so excited, I only had one more Doctor to chart for my Doctor Who set of pillows. I was finishing up some of the details then….my phone went black. I was so focused that I totally ignored the fact that my phone was dying and I hadn’t saved any of my work. Back in my day we had to hand write reports, saving is not second nature. I was so bummed I just made some hot cocoa and watched Supernatural, and sulked a bit. Luckily I have something saved for just such an occasion (more on that later).

In my quest to make charts that are not just for Stargate, Doctor and Supernatural fans, I’ve been trying to think of other fandoms that get a less than stellar crafty review. I’m itching to make some Firefly charts, I just need to do some research. Such torture. Who doesn’t want a Malcolm Reynolds pillow anyway?

What fandom do you think is given the cold shoulder? Doctor Who was given the cold shoulder when I was a kid and no one got excited when I made a paper mâché Dalek in art class, mainly because I only knew three other people who knew what Doctor Who was. Let me know and I’ll see if I can help make your stitching dreams come true.

Back to my previously mentioned emergency backup chart. I have Teal’c for you, the ‘Went back in time to save SG1 so I have a cool grey patch in my hair’ Teal’c. He’s a lot more cuddly with hair I think. I have a pillow chart, with larger print version & DMC colors for you cross stitchers.

As always, please feel free to comment or sent me a tweet with any questions, comments, suggestions, or pictures of your creations. Enjoy!


Teal’c Pillow
Teal’c Pillow Large Print
Teal’c DMC

Oh Lorde, it’s Samantha Carter  0

Now that the sub-zero temperatures have abated, my fingers can crochet again. Arthritis is not your friend. Thankfully all I need is a stylus to help me make patterns on cold days, and I got woken up early yesterday and tapped out a couple of ladies for you, Lorde and General Samantha Carter.

What does a teenage singer from New Zealand & an intergalactic scientist (and actress Amanda Tapping who plays her) have in common? Well they are all rather good role models for girls at the moment (we’ll see how Lorde deals with fame).

So I have 3 pillow sized patterns for you today (if 5×5=1inch), as well as their DMC cross stitch equivalents. As always please let me know if you have any questions, requests, or better yet pics of your creations!



Lorde Pillow
Lorde Pillow Large Print
Lorde DMC

Sam Later Pillow
Sam Later Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter DMC

Sam Carter Early Pillow
Sam Carter Early Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter Early DMC

Happy Thanksgiving!  0


I had a sudden lay-off of sorts at the beginning of the month and realized I wouldn’t have the means to go home for Thanksgiving, and the family’s annual gingerbread decorating bonanza.

My niece being super cute last year. Her mom is up top.

So I decided to book myself with some extra time with my old buddies Travis and Sprocket.

Travis loves his bone & pretending he’s a lap dog.

I also decided to watch the dog show with the Weims. It was exhausting for them.

I am taking this opportunity to encourage you to spend the rest of the week with friends and family. Instead of waiting in line to buy the next gizmo, sit and chat while making something by hand that someone will charish. A nice painting or pillow won’t go obsolete in 6 months. Ever since I was a kid I have felt a little bad when I’ve bought all my presents. My family always wants art anyway, it’s the curse of being an artist. No one ever asks my dad for free blood work for Christmas.

Today I made a Patrick Gilmore approved image of him as Captain Chaos. What can I say, I have a soft spot for guys in touch with their inner child.

I have to get back to the girls & pining for my grandmas cranberry salad. Be grateful & be safe on the roads!



Patrick Gilmore – Captain Chaos Pillow


Captain Chaos Simplified

Jaffa Scarf  0

Hello & welcome to my new blog! Hopefully this one is easier to handle than the last, plus I get to use the old website again.

I will eventually repost all of the charts from the old blog so you won’t have to try to find it again.

Today I have a special graph for a special day. For all my fellow Stargate Fans, I have an adaptable Jaffa scarf. I designed it in 4 sections, so you can choose which & how many panels you want to use based on the gauge/fiber/taste. Make sure you get all the symbols to face away from the middle if you want them to read properly when worn.

I hope you enjoy the chart & the new site!



Panel 1 (fixed the bad link)

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4


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