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Happy Things!  0

I changed my page format, it should make it easier to navigate! I hope you like it, it sure makes me happier.

I am currently excited to have antibiotics due to a bad tooth, and grumpy because antibiotics make me feel horrible. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. My doctor for some reason asked about my cats today, which makes me wonder if I seem like the crazy cat lady type, but I will completely deny it. Speaking of which, Butters has an imaginary friend he plays with now, it’s hilarious.

My favorite guy, Patrick Gilmore, has been cast in a new show with my boyfriend, David Tennant! I think it will be a hit just because they are both in it, but that’s just me. I’m not sure what it is about or what kind of roles they are going to play, but I will let you know when I find out. I’m cool like that.

I am currently stitching a secret project that I am very excited about and hope to document the whole thing for you guys. It feels good to work on a big project I must say. I am also working on some charts to add to ravelry, which is a bit of an undertaking and might take some time compiling photos and instructions, but I’m pretty jazzed about it.

The Olympics are on so many shows are on a mini-hiatus, including Supernatural, which just got picked up for Season 10! I seriously thought they decided this would be the last year, crazy good stuff. So today I bring you a chart that let’s me express my love for glass work (I was a glass and sculpture major in college), and everyone’s favorite socially awkward angel, Castiel. He had this God complex for a minute and put himself on a church window, and I loved it! I have two versions, one more complex than the other. They are both for pillows. I also have the DMC color charts for you cross stitchers out there.

As always, please feel free to ask questions, send in pics of your creations, or request something for me to chart. You can do so in the comments or on Twitter @FPMolina.



*Updated with a knit square version*
God Castiel Pillow Knit

Simple Castiel Window Pillow
Simple Castiel Window DMC

Big Castiel Window Pillow
Big Castiel Window DMC

Peyton Manning, he’s a golfer right?  0

I just spent an unintentional weekend with the Weims. It has been some time since I left the house intending to be gone for a few hours, then ending up disappearing into movies, puppies, popcorn and lots of ice cream,for days. The old lady in me kept demanding “turn it down, it’s too loud”, so no worries about me reverting into a teenager.

You already know that I am a huge nerd. I also try my darnedest to ignore talk of football. I have lived in downtown Columbus for ages and pride myself on completely ignoring the Michigan game this year. I grew up in a football town (everything Browns or Red & Grey), my Grandfather was a football coach, everyone played football.

I am not a football fan.

There is one name I can’t stop hearing, mainly because Patrick Gilmore is in love with him, and that is Peyton Manning. I know he has a brother that is prettier than him, he plays football for the Broncos, and he has a goofy grin I find charming.

Since he keeps getting thrown around in my universe and lots of people seems to like the guy, I decided to make a Peyton Manning pillow pattern. I hope you still have time to whip one up for the Peyton Lover in your life, the holidays are approaching quickly. I also converted it to cross stitch in case you want a Peyton that is a little more portable.



*I added a simplified & line work pillow for those of you like me who aren’t big fans of weaving in lots of ends

Peyton Manning – Cross Stitch

Peyton Manning – Knit Pillow

Peyton Manning – Simplified Pillow

Peyton Manning – Line Work Pillow

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