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Get Un-Bored With Sherlock

Hello stitchers! It has been an awfully busy last few weeks. I was watching multiple houses filled of animals and forgot which house I actually lived a few times. When I got some time I wrote out this post and then realized I totally messed up the charts and had to re-do them. Sleep deprivation is not my friend.

I know there are a lot of SuperWhoLock and just plain Sherlock fans out there, so I whipped up a blanket chart that you can use to make make a wallpaper, or a bored wallpaper blanket. I have the repeat of the wallpaper and the smiley face that fits into the repeat so you can adjust it to sit wherever you want on the blanket. I also have a few variations of just blocks, so you can make them into pillows or add them to a blanket or whatever your little heart desires.

As always, feel free to contact meif you find a janky link, want to see cute puppy pictures, have any questions, or have pics of projects you want to share. I love seeing your pics.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Sherlock bored blanketSherlock Blanket Knit Repeat
Sherlock Bored Blanket Smile Section Knit
Wallpaper 1Sherlock Wallpaper Block 1 Knit
Wallpaper 2Sherlock Wallpaper Block 2 Knit
Wallpaper 3Sherlock Wallpaper Block 3 KnitSmile blockSherlock Wallpaper Smile Block Knit

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