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Get Un-Bored With Sherlock  0

Hello stitchers! It has been an awfully busy last few weeks. I was watching multiple houses filled of animals and forgot which house I actually lived a few times. When I got some time I wrote out this post and then realized I totally messed up the charts and had to re-do them. Sleep deprivation is not my friend.

I know there are a lot of SuperWhoLock and just plain Sherlock fans out there, so I whipped up a blanket chart that you can use to make make a wallpaper, or a bored wallpaper blanket. I have the repeat of the wallpaper and the smiley face that fits into the repeat so you can adjust it to sit wherever you want on the blanket. I also have a few variations of just blocks, so you can make them into pillows or add them to a blanket or whatever your little heart desires.

As always, feel free to contact meif you find a janky link, want to see cute puppy pictures, have any questions, or have pics of projects you want to share. I love seeing your pics.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


Sherlock bored blanketSherlock Blanket Knit Repeat
Sherlock Bored Blanket Smile Section Knit
Wallpaper 1Sherlock Wallpaper Block 1 Knit
Wallpaper 2Sherlock Wallpaper Block 2 Knit
Wallpaper 3Sherlock Wallpaper Block 3 KnitSmile blockSherlock Wallpaper Smile Block Knit

May the Knit be With You  0

Hello stitchers! I always thought that there were so many Star Wars charts out there that there was no point in making more, but as it turns out everyone seems to want me to chart some, so I did. This seems like the perfect day. They are mostly dark side, which should probably worry me. See, the first time I ever wore two Darth Vader socks instead of one Yoda and one Vader, I ended up falling on the slippery front steps and breaking my big toe so bad that I had to quit my job. I learned the hard way, there must be balance in the force.

I hope you have a great Star Wars day!




YodaYoda Color Knit
Yoda Outline Knit

imageYoda Small Color Knit
Yoda Small Outline Knit

TrooperStormtrooper Knit

Trooper smStormtrooper Small Knit

VaderDarth Vader Knit
Vader smDarth Vader Small Knit

JubbaJubba Knit
Jubba Outline Knit

Jubba smJubba Small Color Knit
Jubba Outline Knit

BobbaBobba Fett Knit
Bobba Fett Outline Knit

Bobba smallBobba Fett Small Knit
Bobba Fett Small Outline Knit

Princess hanLeia and Han Knit

 Leia and Leia

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