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Bob’s Burgers and Rivet  24

Hello Stitchers! I seem to have been on a roll lately and you can expect at least a couple more posts in the next few weeks, so you will have plenty to stitch this winter.

There is a cool local toy Gallery called Rivet, that I happen to walk by once or twice a month. They have some awesome chalk signs.
There is a lovely lady named Laura who co-owns the place and Loves Bob’s Burgers, specifically Tina. As you can see on their Instagram account, she even likes cosplaying her from time to time.

When Bob’s Burgers came out with a comic book Rivet even got a limited special run with their name on it, which you can read about here.

So today I bring you a set of Bob’s Burgers, knit squares in pillow size. You can make pillows or sew them together to make a blanket, or even get crafty and sew up six of them, stuff them and make a little footstool. Go crazy.

*Since everyone seems to love  Bob’s Burgers, I decided to add cross stitch and Perler Bead charts as well!

Let me know How they turn out, I love watching my babies grow up. As always, I love hearing your requests, expressions of undying love, and if you find any corrupt links so I can fix them.



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Tina Pillow Knit



Louise Eyes Pillow Knit
Louise Pillow Knit

Linda Pillow Knit

Bob Pillow Knit

Gene Pillow Knit

Human Flesh Burger (X eyes) Pillow Knit
Human Flesh Burger (- Eyes) Pillow Knit

Tina Cross
Tina Cross Stitch
Louis Cross
Louise Cross Stitch
Gene Cross Stitch
Gene Cross Stitch
Bob Cross
Bob Cross Stitch
Linda Cross
Linda Cross Stitch
Human Flesh
Human Flesh Cross Stitch

imageTina Perler
Louise Perler
Louise Head Perler
Bob Perler
Linda Perler
Gene Perler

Pitfall and Daria: My 80s and 90s Loves  0

Hello Stitchers! Winter has finally hit and I’m sure for many of you, like me, it’s full on yarn season. Whenever it gets cold I have the overwhelming need to make warm and fuzzy things. The last few weeks have not only brought on the winter chill, but I also hit over 20,000 hits on the website! Thank all of you for you interest in my charts and all my crazy ramblings. I really appreciate it!!!

When I was young I used to pull out my uncle’s Atari from under my grandma’s tv and fight with my brother at who got to play Pitfall first. Being the little sister, my brother was always way better at it. I never did get a good hang of it, but I still have great memories of playing. So I made a set of Pitfall related charts, from simple to complex so everyone can relive their favorite Atari memories.

I have also been watching a lot of Netflix since winter hit, and did a lot of searching around and found one of my favorite sarcastic, grumpy, high school loves, Daria. I must say she is still pretty fantastic. Although I see a lot of Daria in myself, I’m more of a mix between Daria and Jane…..but I’m pretty sure that’s true for a lot of high school outcasts in the 90s and probably today. I cranked out an opening logo chart, as well as a Daria and a Jane chart so you all can sit on your couch, and be grumpy together.

Let me know what characters from your childhood/teenhood you would like to stitch, and I might just whip up a chart for you.



Pitfall More Pillow Knit

Pitfall Gator Pillow Knit

Pitfall Pillow Knit

Pitfall Man Pillow Knit

Pitfall Man Bigger Pillow Knit

Daria Pillow Knit
Daria Outline Pillow Knit

Daria Face Pillow Knit
Daria Face Outline Pillow Knit

Jane Face Pillow Knit

Jane Face Outline Pillow Knit

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