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Walking Dead Finale – Sunset Daryl  2

It’s Sunday, and that means Zombie Night! The Landman and I have made watching the Walking Dead a ritual for us. This last season we have have expanded to watching with a group of friends, since he stopped getting cable. When it’s time to leave he stomps up and down the stairs yelling “Zombies! Zombies!”. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this before, but I really should record the audio some day. He yells it like a lounge singer. It’s one of his more endearing qualities.

Tonight is the season finale and it’s gonna be tense. Who will die, who will live? I doubt if it’s going to be anywhere near as crazy as the Carol & the girls Ep a few weeks back, but I’m sure it’s gonna get messy.

My favorite zombie killer is Mr. Daryl Dixon, that crossbow wielding bad boy with a heart of gold. So this week I have worked on a couple nice Daryl Silhouette at sunset. I have them in different sizes, knit stitch and cross stitch. I also have just the silhouettes (and I spelled silhouette improperly on some of the patterns. I’m dyslexic so that’s the excuse I’m going with).

As always please share your questions and comments, you can follow my tumblr, or tweet me if you don’t want to comment on this page.



*let me know if a link doesn’t work. I guess when I move files it can mess them up. I’ll be checking them but please feel free to let me know if things aren’t working and I will do my best to fix it quickly

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Large
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Large

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Silhouette Cross Stitch

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Small
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Small

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch Smaller
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch Smaller

Daryl Heart – Square Blocks

Daryl Dixon Sunset Tunisian Crochet Pillow
Daryl Dixon Silhouette Tunisian Crochet Pillow

The Tardis Key To My Heart  0

In college I worked at a science museum. I did a lot of ushering in the planitarium, you know those people with the red flashlights that kick you out when your kid won’t stop screaming, yep that was me. Because of this I got to spend a lot of time between shows picking the brains of the presenters, most of whom had fancy science degrees. One was a past physicist that I was slightly obsessed with, shocking I know. Randomly one day I started talking about Doctor Who, again shocking. This was pre-Eccelston so us whovians were a little more rare back then. Well as I was explaining how I needed to get a new chain for my Tardis key, He cocks his head to the side and says “you mean like this?”, As He Pulls Out A Chain With A Tardis Key On It! I immediately professed my love for him. It was awkward for him. Last I heard he was traveling the country building planitariums. *sigh*

So today I have two Baker Tardis Key Pillow Patterns. I also have the “true” versions incase you just want to add one to a project. They are both in squared blocks, and the unshaded version in knit squares for now. I will updated later with a knit block version of the shaded one soon.

As always I love getting requests, questions and comments, you can follow my tumblr, You can even tweet me if you don’t want to comment on this page. I’m cool like that.



Baker Tardis Key Shaded Pillow

20140324-171024.jpgalignnone size-full” />
Baker Tardis Key Pillow
Baker Tardis Key Knit Pillow

Baker Tardis Key Shaded

Baker Tardis Key>

An Impulsive Bunch of Barts  0

I just saw someone on tumblr wanted this charted so I whipped it up quick while I procrastinate from being an Adult.

It’s a repeating Bart Simpson pattern for a sweater. It is in 5×6 = 1inch, knit blocks.



Comment, or tweet me, I love your input!

Bart Simpson Repeating Knit Chart



Not the second, but the First Blade  0

I’m a little excited about today’s post. I maybe went a little overboard, or maybe I went as overboard as I normally should. I made 2 images in several different ways. I also didn’t sleep last night (see the correlation there).

My fellow Supernatural stitchers, this post is for you. Although I haven’t figured out how to chart the mysterious wonder that is Cain’s beard, I have brought you The First Blade and The Mark of Cain. I tried to make them as simplified as possible so you don’t have 12 colors going at once, even made a extra simplified version of the First Blade so newbies to intarsia won’t just run for the woods.

I have a chart for:
5×5=inch (squared)Large Pillows
5×5=inch (squared)Small Pillows
5×6=inch (knit) Large Pillows
5×6=inch (knit) Small Pillows
And a special cross stitch of the First Blade

I’m going to take a nap, then hopefully a shower, and maybe clean my fridge. I think I might be hallucinating.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, commissions, comments, random trivia or failed links!



I’ve updated with a few new charts.

First Blade Scarf Part 1 – Handle First
First Blade Scarf Part 2 – Point First
Each has the continuation point of the previous part marked so you can start at either end. Just keep stitching till it’s long enough. Would look great with a tan border added.

First Blade Tall Cross Stitch – Just Stitches
First Blade Tall Cross Stitch – Just Marks
First Blade Tall Cross Stitch – Just Lines Colored

First Blade Pillow Squared Pillow

First Blade Knit Pillow

First Blade Simplified Knit Pillow

First Blade Cross Stitch

Mark of Cain Squared Pillow

Mark of Cain Knit Pillow

First Blade Squared Small Pillow

First Blade Knit Small Pillow

Mark of Cain Squared Small Pillow

Mark of Cain Knit Small Pillow

First Blade Stencil

Happy Spring/Warrior Food  0

Happy Spring! Sort of. The weather has been crap, still in the low 40’s with cold rain. It is making me feel like I’m 80, and like hibernating. Hopefully it starts to warm up a little bit this next week *crosses fingers*.

I have been a little behind making new posts lately, I have a feeling that it might happening for the next month or so. I have been stitching a few things, taking a little break from my secret project, and have been working on about 10 charts at the same time. I just keep on thinking of new things and can be a bit impulsive. I am still open to your requests, they just might take awhile. I also might procrastinate on something else by charting your idea right away, 50/50.

I have been working on changing things up a bit, so the chart I have today will be in the elongated knitting style instead of just regular squares, also adjusted so it is a bit more even when finished then when following the patterns I make with square, squares. I hope that makes sense because it’s late and I am pretty tired.

Today I have Dean Winchester’s favorite, and most likely only, food. He hates vegetables and calls these Bacon covered cholesterol shots “Warrior Food”. Some how he manages to still be buff, oh the magic of television. I have a knit chart for a pillow sized burger (5×6 stitches per inch), and a DMC colored cross stitch pattern as well. Switch up the background for whatever suits your fancy.

Don’t forget to let me know if you are working on one of my charts, I love feedback.



Bacon Cheeseburger Knit Pillow

Bacon Cheeseburger Cross Stitch

Let’s throw some money around  0

Have some leftover odds-n-ends of yarn sitting around? Why not make something fun out of them, like some coin bean bags to throw around? You can stuff them with cotton balls, scraps of fabric, or even dry corn if you are the tossing type. You can also throw some cat nip in there for your feline friends like I do.

I used the bean bag pattern without the outline, just for simplicity’s sake. The light heathery green was sitting around so I used it for the background. The yellow is some rug yarn I got from my mom ages ago. The white, orange and black are from part of my secret project . The yarns are different sizes and the stitches uneven, but I was just having fun with scraps. I did mine in Tunisian crochet knit stitch, so the stitches are more vertical than wide. The cats are gonna dig it.

Just stitch up a bean bag pattern, fold it over, stitch up the edges, stuff and stitch the rest. Simple, fun, nerdy. It’s the little things.

I also have small pillow patterns & single coins, so you can add in some intarsia on a project, or for a Perler bead, or bead weaving pattern. I left the backgrounds grey so you can use whatever color you want, you can always change colors if the ones I use don’t work for you. I even have a slightly fancier pillow pattern, which I have in the shorter squares that most knitting patterns come in. I felt like mixing things up a bit.



Fancy Coin Pillow

Coin Pillow
Coin Bean Bag
Coin Single

Coin Without Outline Pillow
Coin Without Outline Bean Bag
Coin Without Outline Single

Egon but not forgotten  0

Today I had to go get some more yarn for my secret project and while I was piling tweed into my basket a slightly perplexed lady stopped me. Her daughter had essentially been kicked out of a knitting class because she was “annoying” the other ladies. She wanted to know if I could show her a kit or something to buy.

After a few minutes of talking to her I realized what had happened. Her daughter was 16 and all the other students were at least 20-30 years older than her. She was very polite, positive, and very inquisitive. The other students were annoyed because she asked too many questions. As someone who grew up in a family of teachers and has done quite a bit of teaching herself, this really bothers me for two reasons:

A) Either the teacher didn’t want to deal with her or the teacher let the other students bully her into leaving

B) Older people should want younger people to learn, even if they are a little more hyper.

I’m not saying all older people are mean, or all younger people are hyper. I personally have taught older people with smaller attention spans than 5yr olds and young people who learn at a slow pace.

So I set the girl up with some decent needles and decent starter yarn so she could get on YouTube and learn on her own. I also gave her the most important piece of information I could think of, “You will get pissed off and want to quit. Just take a break and go back to it. It happens to everyone”.

Please encourage everyone to learn, even if they drive you a little batty. You might have to take some breaks, but in the end you will both learn something. You might help them find their passion or at least more patience.

Harold Ramis, the beloved Egon Spengler, from the Ghostbusters passed away this last week. I must say he was my favorite as a kid. So I had to chart a pillow of him this week.

Last week I put up some Totoro charts and didn’t get my favorite one finished, so I have it for you today. I also made a simplified version for those of you who like to keep their yarning a bit less stressful. Yes, yarning is a word, and “Let’s yarn”, a proper statement.



Egon Pillow
Egon DMC

Screaming Totoro Pillow
Screaming Totoro DMC

Screaming Totoro Simplified Pillow

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