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Not a cat and not really a dog  0

When I was in third grade I made a little green K-9, from Doctor Who, out of modeling clay for my Dad. I was in my late twenties when he hesitantly told me that K-9 was no more than a pile of clay and sticky dust. I think it was one of the most coveted presents I made him. I must say it was one of my favorites as well.

While I was sitting around being grumpy on anti-biotics, I decided to whip up a pattern of the metallic pup, so I can make another K-9 present for my dad….and you can make one for a beloved Whovian in your life.

I also decided to make some Totoro patterns for some reason. I think a late night Internet search might have inspired them. I had a huge love of Totoro in college.

All patterns are 50×50, pillow sized. If you make multiples you can also sew them together to make a blanket. No cross stitch colors this set, they are pretty basic so they wouldn’t be too hard to make with what you might have around.



*Added some smaller Totoros because you seem to like them

K-9 Pillow Colored with Outline

K-9 Pillow Colored

K-9 Pillow Outlined

Totoro Pillow

Totoro Smiles Pillow

Totoro Leaf Pillow

Totoro Dust Sprites Pillow

Small Totoro

Small Totoro Smile

Small Totoro With Belly

Small Totoro Smile With Belly

Daryl’s Divas  0

A few years ago I went to my first MidOhioComicon and got a great seat on the Boondock Saints panel. Not only did Roco ask my friend if her strapless dress could possible fall down (video), but I learned about the Fandom of Norman’s Angels. The longer The Walking Dead goes on, the more Daryl’s Divas also appear. It is a fandom phenomenon. Of course I love both Daryl Dixon and Norman Reedus, but these ladies have me beat.

It took me some time, but I finally managed a decent chart of Daryl. Norman is hard to catagorize and even harder to capture in yarn. So I have a pillow chart (DMC colors for the cross stitchers) today. I know there are lots of ladies out there that would kill a herd of zombies to cuddle up to this guy, so I am sure it will be loved.




Daryl Dixon Pillow
Daryl Dixon DMC

Daryl Dixon Pillow BW

Pudding Boy VS Zombies  0

I have been taking antibiotics for a bad tooth for a few days, so I have been pretty exhausted. My body is apparently morning the loss off it’s precious bacteria. Due to my inability to function I have had some time to work on my secret project. It is intarsia Tunisian crochet, and I have only managed to lose my mind twice. I am not looking forward to tying all the ends in, it might require booze or at least a stiff latte.

I have a new fandom to add to my graphs, The Walking Dead. Zombie night has been a big bonding of the house and since my Landman no longer has cable, it is now a night of bonding between our house and our friends who have cable. I’m rooting for Glen, and of course Daryl.

The other week we saw Carl get a taste of normalcy, lose his shoe in Sam’s room and eat a big tub of pudding. If you are a Supernatural fan, this means more to you than the average watcher. If you aren’t, then it’s just hilarious. This made me think more about Carl and I decided to chart a pillow of him. As always I also have the DMC color chart for the cross stitchers among us.



Carl Pillow
Carl DMC

Happy Things!  0

I changed my page format, it should make it easier to navigate! I hope you like it, it sure makes me happier.

I am currently excited to have antibiotics due to a bad tooth, and grumpy because antibiotics make me feel horrible. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. My doctor for some reason asked about my cats today, which makes me wonder if I seem like the crazy cat lady type, but I will completely deny it. Speaking of which, Butters has an imaginary friend he plays with now, it’s hilarious.

My favorite guy, Patrick Gilmore, has been cast in a new show with my boyfriend, David Tennant! I think it will be a hit just because they are both in it, but that’s just me. I’m not sure what it is about or what kind of roles they are going to play, but I will let you know when I find out. I’m cool like that.

I am currently stitching a secret project that I am very excited about and hope to document the whole thing for you guys. It feels good to work on a big project I must say. I am also working on some charts to add to ravelry, which is a bit of an undertaking and might take some time compiling photos and instructions, but I’m pretty jazzed about it.

The Olympics are on so many shows are on a mini-hiatus, including Supernatural, which just got picked up for Season 10! I seriously thought they decided this would be the last year, crazy good stuff. So today I bring you a chart that let’s me express my love for glass work (I was a glass and sculpture major in college), and everyone’s favorite socially awkward angel, Castiel. He had this God complex for a minute and put himself on a church window, and I loved it! I have two versions, one more complex than the other. They are both for pillows. I also have the DMC color charts for you cross stitchers out there.

As always, please feel free to ask questions, send in pics of your creations, or request something for me to chart. You can do so in the comments or on Twitter @FPMolina.



*Updated with a knit square version*
God Castiel Pillow Knit

Simple Castiel Window Pillow
Simple Castiel Window DMC

Big Castiel Window Pillow
Big Castiel Window DMC

Abbadon, such a classy Demon  0

I got a snow day today. It was so exciting I decided to stay in bed a bit too late and chart a couple of things. In reality I charted one thing, or person, or Demon, ok She’s a Knight of Hell bent on being Queen of Hell: Abbadon! She also happens to be played by the wonderful Alaina Huffman.

Two pillow sized charts, also with the DMC color charts for the cross stitchers.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the rest of the evening, but I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Enjoy, you crazy little Hell spawn!



Abbadon Screams Pillow Knit


Abbadon Screams Pillow
Abbadon Screams DMC


Abbadon DMC

It feels good to finish something  0

Yesterday I finally finished 1-11 Doctor Who charts! It took me a little longer than expected, but hey, life can get in the way sometimes. You should go check them out, they are pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

I have also been stitching some as well, you’ll get to see them when I finish. Do you work on multiple projects at a time? I have to have at least two or three going at all times, of each medium. Creativity can be exhausting & fantastic for making you into a social hermit.

Since I have been so far behind on my posts lately, I decided to just sit down and crank out a new chart before dinner…ya it’s almost 10pm. What can I say, I suffer for my art.

Today I bring you everyone’s crazy telepathic, multidimensional, or whatever alien: Stark from Farscape. If you have never watched Farscape, I highly suggest it. Who doesn’t live Ben Browder in leather pants, and Claudia Black too for that matter, oh and puppets & crazy bad guys & all kinds of screwy mind melts. Good stuff.
It’s a pillow pattern, with DMC color chart as well, for the cross stitchers out there.




Stark Pillow
Stark Pillow DMC

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