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Save, save often  0

Last night I was so excited, I only had one more Doctor to chart for my Doctor Who set of pillows. I was finishing up some of the details then….my phone went black. I was so focused that I totally ignored the fact that my phone was dying and I hadn’t saved any of my work. Back in my day we had to hand write reports, saving is not second nature. I was so bummed I just made some hot cocoa and watched Supernatural, and sulked a bit. Luckily I have something saved for just such an occasion (more on that later).

In my quest to make charts that are not just for Stargate, Doctor and Supernatural fans, I’ve been trying to think of other fandoms that get a less than stellar crafty review. I’m itching to make some Firefly charts, I just need to do some research. Such torture. Who doesn’t want a Malcolm Reynolds pillow anyway?

What fandom do you think is given the cold shoulder? Doctor Who was given the cold shoulder when I was a kid and no one got excited when I made a paper mâché Dalek in art class, mainly because I only knew three other people who knew what Doctor Who was. Let me know and I’ll see if I can help make your stitching dreams come true.

Back to my previously mentioned emergency backup chart. I have Teal’c for you, the ‘Went back in time to save SG1 so I have a cool grey patch in my hair’ Teal’c. He’s a lot more cuddly with hair I think. I have a pillow chart, with larger print version & DMC colors for you cross stitchers.

As always, please feel free to comment or sent me a tweet with any questions, comments, suggestions, or pictures of your creations. Enjoy!


Teal’c Pillow
Teal’c Pillow Large Print
Teal’c DMC

I need a tv, ok I want a tv  0

My schedule has changed a bit, currently care taking for a lady who recently had a stroke, so I don’t have as much free time for charting or yarning. It’s great to be a functional adult again though.

In other news, it’s the last season of Supernatural & I don’t have a tv. This means I have to rely on the CW iPhone ap to watch the new eps. I miss following @Jarpad’s live tweets. I also dislike getting spoilers & being behind. I know, so sad right?

I was going through my pattern archives & found some Supernatural patterns I totally forgot about. I made them all the same size so they can be made into pillows, sewn together to make a blanket, or into large washcloths. I also decided to throw you the “true” pattern of the line work versions, so you can add it to a hat or socks, or whathaveyou. I took them & made an Essence of Dean pillow as well.



Essence of Dean Pillow
Essence of Dean Pillow Large Print

Essence of Dean Pillow B&W

Dean’s Pendant
Dean’s Pendant B&W
Dean’s Pendant True


Samulet Pillow Knit


Big Samulet Pillow Knit

Ruby’s Knife
Ruby’s Knife B&W
Ruby’s Knife True

Pie B&W
Pie True

Bobby’s Flask
Bobby’s Flask B&W
Bobby’s Flask True

Oh Lorde, it’s Samantha Carter  0

Now that the sub-zero temperatures have abated, my fingers can crochet again. Arthritis is not your friend. Thankfully all I need is a stylus to help me make patterns on cold days, and I got woken up early yesterday and tapped out a couple of ladies for you, Lorde and General Samantha Carter.

What does a teenage singer from New Zealand & an intergalactic scientist (and actress Amanda Tapping who plays her) have in common? Well they are all rather good role models for girls at the moment (we’ll see how Lorde deals with fame).

So I have 3 pillow sized patterns for you today (if 5×5=1inch), as well as their DMC cross stitch equivalents. As always please let me know if you have any questions, requests, or better yet pics of your creations!



Lorde Pillow
Lorde Pillow Large Print
Lorde DMC

Sam Later Pillow
Sam Later Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter DMC

Sam Carter Early Pillow
Sam Carter Early Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter Early DMC

Let’s do the Arctic Vortex!  6

Hello Stitchers, if you haven’t heard, it’s freekin cold outside! I have spent the last few days huddled under my electric blanket with my phone. My tea gets cold in a few minutes and unbeknownst to the Landman, the hot water pipe has frozen. For some reason I decided to leave the house for an appointment today. I took the bus since my car has no heat, and let me tell you it looks like a ghost town downtown. The busses are even running on time, it’s like bizzaro world. Before you mention how we are weinies because it’s not that cold for you, our infrastructure and wardrobes are not built for this. A water main even exploded downtown yesterday. If it had snowed at least we would have a little insulation.

Since I have had so much time alone to ponder the world through my phone, I have been watching a lot of Supernatural on Netflix and making some lovely fan girl patterns. I have four for you today. Anti-Demon (Smaller version here), Devil’s Trap, Angel Warding, and Sam doing his mental exorcism face. They are all pillow size (if 5×5=one inch), so I suggest printing out the Large Print versions (2pages) if you don’t have a printer that let’s you choose size. I also have the Sam pattern with the DMC color chart for cross stitch.

I really want to see someone do a girly colored Demon Trap, I guess I’m weird like that.

Enjoy, and stay warm!


*updated with 2 “Samulet” pillows in (5×6) knit squares*


Anti-Demon Pillow

Anti-Demon Pillow Large Print

Anti-Demon Pillow Knit&gt




(Awesome cross stitch by Sandy!)

Angel Warding Pillow

Angel Warding Pillow Large Print


Devil’s Trap Pillow

Devil’s Trap Pillow Large Print

imageDevils Trap Pillow Knit


Sam Exorcism Pillow

Sam Exorcism Pillow Large Print

Sam Exorcism DMC

Happy New Year!!/You should try turning it off & back on again  0

How is your New Year going? Did you have a great holiday, or should I say have you recovered from the holidays?

I went back to NE Ohio to see the fam. We had Christmas at Grandmas since it will probably be the last year we get too. She seemed to enjoy having everyone around, even if she couldn’t remember who they were. I even found some cookies I could eat, the best cookies too.

My mom and I also went to my brother’s to opened presents with the kids. My niece loves costumes so my thrifty brother bought all kinds of outfits & wigs when everyone had Halloween clearance sales. So smart & so cute. She is going to be a cosplay girl, I can see it. She was the one who played Halo in her flower girl dress.


Along with a blanket my Sis (in-law) made, and a bunch of yarn from my mom, I also got a lot of small things from my Grandmas house. I spent a day helping my Aunt clean and organize a bunch of my grandma’s stuff. She was a kindergarten teacher and very crafty. It was like walking through a time capsule. I tried to only take things I really wanted or could use. It was fun.

So I got back home to Columbus & it hit me. I have spent the last few days, including New Years, in bed sick. My bags aren’t even unpacked.

Once I feel a little better I’m going to restart start my New Years & start the Year off well. So I give you one of my favorite nerd boys, Moss, as our first chart for 2014.

Happy New Year!


Moss Large Washcloth

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