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Merry Yule & Impending Christmas!  0

Christmas is coming! I hope you are ready. It’s time for all those last second shoppers to go out & wreak havoc in the stores. Personally I finished wrapping up most of my presents today. I only have a few more to finish making & wrap. My title of World’s Coolest Aunt, is on the line. I managed to only purchase some small things, like for my brother lives on M&m’s. My holiday excitement starts on the 21st and ends on New Years, so it’s going to be a busy week of socializing with friends & family, and unfortunately driving.

I thought this week I would pull out a hand full of charts that I either had posted on my old blog, or have been floating around in my Dropbox far too long.

I hope you enjoy your holiday, or at least New Years!

What have you been making for the holidays?



This is a pattern I made shortly after acquiring my charting program. Kaboom!, was one of my favorite games to play on my uncle’s Atari, when I would visit my grandma. We always had Christmas Eve at her house with my mom’s side of the family. Grandma had her own cake shop & would make elaborate gingerbread houses every year. This time of year always reminds me of her, and oddly enough so does Kaboom!
Kaboom! Pillow

This summer I spent some time helping take care of my other grandma, who has Alzheimer’s. She is in hospice care right now and this year we are going to have Christmas at her house for probably the last time. Always the bird watcher she has a great bird watching window, feeders always well supplied, where there are always cardinals hopping around. I made these patterns during my visit.

Cardinal Color Washcloth
Cardinal Line Work Washcloth

Every comic book (or old Batman & Robin lover), loves a good onomatopoeia.

Boom Bang Pow Washcloth

These next few graphs remind me I’ve almost every adventure video game I have every played. These always remind me of Zelda of course, nothing beats that shiny gold cartridge.

Keys Washcloth

Lock Washcloth

Candle Washcloth

Book Washcloth

An American staple

Tshirt Washcloth

*sticks out tongue*  0

A few months ago the whole internet was all a buzz about some award show that Miley Cyrus was on. I had no idea she had another album or grew about two feet. I am not up on my pop culture.

I clicked on some link just to see what the hubbub was about. There was a guy wearing a beetle juice outfit and some oddly placed bears. This includes the one on Miley’s outfit. Personally this is not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I went to art school, after drawing naked homeless men at 7am you grow a thick skin.

My friend Rain has been an avid Miley supporter since the media got on her case about being lude. Personally I would have given her a C+ on her performance, it didn’t seem professional enough. She got the + for shocking the media, since it seems that’s what she meant to do. She could have done a better job at that as well. People need to calm down, it wasn’t that exciting. I’m not a fan of the tongue, but she’s been doing that her whole life. I’d rather think about hot cocoa, or Doctor Who.

So for my dear friend Rain and her positive backing of a kindred quirky kid (one that happens to be in the spot light), I bring you this Miley Cyrus pillow chart. I made a DMC cross stitch chart as well, maybe a simple mini pillow for your desk at work?



Miley Cyrus – Pillow
Miley Cyrus – Cross Stitch DMC
Miley Cyrus – Perler

Peyton Manning, he’s a golfer right?  0

I just spent an unintentional weekend with the Weims. It has been some time since I left the house intending to be gone for a few hours, then ending up disappearing into movies, puppies, popcorn and lots of ice cream,for days. The old lady in me kept demanding “turn it down, it’s too loud”, so no worries about me reverting into a teenager.

You already know that I am a huge nerd. I also try my darnedest to ignore talk of football. I have lived in downtown Columbus for ages and pride myself on completely ignoring the Michigan game this year. I grew up in a football town (everything Browns or Red & Grey), my Grandfather was a football coach, everyone played football.

I am not a football fan.

There is one name I can’t stop hearing, mainly because Patrick Gilmore is in love with him, and that is Peyton Manning. I know he has a brother that is prettier than him, he plays football for the Broncos, and he has a goofy grin I find charming.

Since he keeps getting thrown around in my universe and lots of people seems to like the guy, I decided to make a Peyton Manning pillow pattern. I hope you still have time to whip one up for the Peyton Lover in your life, the holidays are approaching quickly. I also converted it to cross stitch in case you want a Peyton that is a little more portable.



*I added a simplified & line work pillow for those of you like me who aren’t big fans of weaving in lots of ends

Peyton Manning – Cross Stitch

Peyton Manning – Knit Pillow

Peyton Manning – Simplified Pillow

Peyton Manning – Line Work Pillow

The Dala Horse, and some local fun  3

Hello! Hope you are keeping warm (or cool in the Southern Hemisphere)! I’m rather afraid to look outside, myself. I went out to a local hand crafted store. The Weims love going over & playing with everyone’s dogs, so I kinda know a bunch of the guys.

It was a lot of fun and I ran into a random assortment of people I haven’t seen in awhile. Here are some pics

Love these little guys!

This was the first thing in the gallery I could see & probably my favorite gallery piece there. He’s cute in a creepy kind of way.

Sorry I haven’t made a post in over a week, I am always making presents full-time in December and I injured myself last week, so I’m a bit behind on my pattern making. I’m clumsy, it’s genetic.

I found this great Swedish tradition of the Dala Horse, on my holiday Internet adventures.


They are super cute (and the nerd in me loves the historical significance) so I decided to try and make some patterns. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I made them as large washcloth patterns and a pillow, but they could also be used for simple cross stitch ornaments as well. Great for some hand made Christmas or Yule presents!



Dala Horse – Flower Pillow

Dala Horse – String Washcloth

Dala Horse – Dual Washcloth

Dala Horse – Stripe Washcloth

Dala Horse – Snowflakes Washcloth

Dala Horse – Flake Washcloth

Dala Horse – Flower Washcloth

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