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Happy Supernatural Halloween!  0

Happy Halloween, Samhain, Bagger’s Night, Trickster’s Night, Day of the Dead, Gay Christmas, Devil’s Day & of course new iPad day. I think that pretty much covers everything.

Today I have some Supernatural themed stuff from my old blog. I am a big Supernatural fan, I’d say in my top 3.

So enjoy these anti-demon patterns. There are some washcloths, a tea towel & even a special Perler bead pattern you can use to make hex bags to hide around the house for someone else to find. Great Halloween game.

Enjoy & be safe out there!


20131031-142747.jpgAnti-Demon Washcloth

20131031-142818.jpgAnti-Demon Tea Towel20131031-142906.jpgPerler Hex Bag

20131031-142946.jpgColored Hex Bag Washcloth

20131031-143014.jpgHex Bag Washcloth


Weims!!!  1

I am a proud puppy Aunt of two Weimaraners, Luna & Olive.

Don’t they looks so cute & innocent :)

So today I have a little pattern I might be whipping out for their mommy, I haven’t decided which one yet, or what I’m going to make out of it. There will most likely be a larger version as well. We’ll see what happens.



P.S. I added pillow and a little throw blanket for those of you more ambitious than myself :)

Pretty In Pink

Pimento Olive

One Page (not even sure if you can read it)
Large Print

Weim Pinwheel Pillow

Generations Throw


Jaffa Scarf  0

Hello & welcome to my new blog! Hopefully this one is easier to handle than the last, plus I get to use the old website again.

I will eventually repost all of the charts from the old blog so you won’t have to try to find it again.

Today I have a special graph for a special day. For all my fellow Stargate Fans, I have an adaptable Jaffa scarf. I designed it in 4 sections, so you can choose which & how many panels you want to use based on the gauge/fiber/taste. Make sure you get all the symbols to face away from the middle if you want them to read properly when worn.

I hope you enjoy the chart & the new site!



Panel 1 (fixed the bad link)

Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4


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