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Oh Lorde, it’s Samantha Carter  0

Now that the sub-zero temperatures have abated, my fingers can crochet again. Arthritis is not your friend. Thankfully all I need is a stylus to help me make patterns on cold days, and I got woken up early yesterday and tapped out a couple of ladies for you, Lorde and General Samantha Carter.

What does a teenage singer from New Zealand & an intergalactic scientist (and actress Amanda Tapping who plays her) have in common? Well they are all rather good role models for girls at the moment (we’ll see how Lorde deals with fame).

So I have 3 pillow sized patterns for you today (if 5×5=1inch), as well as their DMC cross stitch equivalents. As always please let me know if you have any questions, requests, or better yet pics of your creations!



Lorde Pillow
Lorde Pillow Large Print
Lorde DMC

Sam Later Pillow
Sam Later Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter DMC

Sam Carter Early Pillow
Sam Carter Early Pillow Large Print
Sam Carter Early DMC

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