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Bowie  22

Hello Stitchers!

I know you haven’t heard from me since November, things at the house have been kinda crazy since my roommate has been in and out of various hospitals due to her autoimmune encephalitis. Just yesterday she got in a wreck while on the way to the ER, luckily she only had a little extra stress from the adrenaline, she and the driver were both fine. People come from all over the world to wreck their vehicles in Columbus, it’s crazy during inclement weather. We just had our first real snow fall this past week and people are just wrecking left and right. The snow sure is pretty though.

I lost my phone at a 7-11 on the way back from Christmas with my family. I do all my charts on my phone, so I borrowed my roommate’s iPad to whip These up. I should be getting an old phone from a friend this week and can not wait.

In 1999 I bought my first stereo. It cost me $20 and was a Frankenstine machine built from the rag tag parts from future owner’s deceased parent’s stereos. The best part was that it had an 8 track and those things were in every thrift store & cheap. The two I listened to the most, while pulling all weekers, were both David Bowie, Space Oddity and Young Americans (I got the images from eBay).
I was sad when the old worn out tapes broke, and I did replace them once or twice before I could afford a fancy new stereo with a CD player *ooooooh*.

When I heard Bowie had passed I jumped to my first line of mourning, I had to chart him. So today I have a few knit charts and a cross stitch patter based on the Aladdin Sane cover art.

I decided tried something new for the knit charts this time around, I used only Red Heart Classic Colors. I know it can be hard to finding the right colors to go with color work charts. I went with Red Heart because everyone can afford it, is easy to find, and it is acrylic for us poor souls with wool allergies.

Feel free to send me any of your finished projects, contact me about any questions or comments, and stay warm out there.



*Just click on the link below an image to download the chart from Dropbox
Bowie KnitBowie Aladdin Sane Knit

Bowie Knit SimpleBowie Aladdin Sane Simplified Knit

Bowie Knit OpenBowie Aladdin Sane Open Eyes Knit

Bowie CrossBowie Aladdin Sane Cross Stitch

The Pope  0

As a kid I had this almost elfin concept of The Pope, he seemed so fairy tail like. Today I still have a slight fascination with the pomp & circumstance of the Catholic faith, I mean who doesn’t love delicately painted icons & waiting for the black smoke? The Pope is like the King of a border less kingdom of people who may or may not live up to all the expectations of their fellow citizens. The current Pope seems to be pretty cool, the last one kind of scared me. I dug John Paul, but this guy keeps making some pretty cool waves, I mean he publicly doesn’t want gay people to be hated! He also doesn’t use the Popemobile, but I will give him a pass on that.

The number one thing we see The Pope, do is wave, so it seemed the perfect pose to put him in for this dandy pillow pattern. If you want to get crazy you can even sew some gold beads & sequins on his awesome hat.

It has been a bit since I have made a new post, but I have updated my Weims!!! post with a few new patterns you might like, if you are into that kind of thing.

Enjoy El Papa!


P.S. I am not making fun of Catholics or The Pope, just to preempt any hate mail.

Waving Pope Pillow
Just add a border till it fits your pillow form, then make a single color for the back. I would change out the blue for whatever color might go with your decor.

Waving Pope Cross Stitch DMC
Might make a nice mountable piece.

Waving Pope Outline
Great for a textured pillow, or two toned pillow.

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