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Reunite-R-Family Campaign


Our friend Andrea recently contracted a rare and newly diagnosed brain disorder known as Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis, a treatable and reversible disease. It is so newly diagnosed, she is the first known case in Franklin County. Successful treatment is largely dependent on a strong support system of therapy and a network of people she trusts.

Andrea needs your help to achieve that. Currently, she has a court appointed guardian who has separated Andrea from her familiar and trusted circle of people; including her closest family members, her children.

We are raising legal funds for Andrea’s partner, the father of her children, to get Andrea’s civil rights back from her court appointed guardian. Based on medical research and previous case studies, we are confident that the restoration of her autonomy and reuniting their family will help her recovery process be a successful one.


How You Can Help

Like us on Facebook where you can learn more and donate.

Educate Yourself

What Anti-NMDAR Encephalitis is, and why you should know.

Once in Guardianship Few Get Out-Columbus Dispatch Article

Why you should have a Living Will

Ohio Bar Association info on Living Wills and Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Living Will information by State

Free Living Will kit for Ohio residents (pdf download)

A Columbus Dispatch survey about Ohio’s overworked Probate Court

Rights of Unmarried Fathers in Ohio



Micki Pike says:

good job mol- awesome work!

F.P. Molina says:

Thank you, whatever I can do to get the family back together!

Heather Lang says:

Good job! You totally rock! We can do this <3

Nicole beavers says:

This is an awesome thing you are doing. As someone that has struggled with a disease for most of my life I know what a strong support system can do. I wouldn’t be able to get through withnh crohns without the love. Understanding and support of my family and friends. She deserves to have her family together and the love multipled not divided!

F.P. Molina says:

Yes, and educating people so they don’t end up in the same position Andrea is also one of our goals. I’m glad You have a good supporting family!

josh roberts says:

have not been online much just working alot right now sorry i have not been on sooner but i want to than k everyone who help put this togeather and everyone who cam out to shower there support for andrea anna noah and me thank you all
love ya

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