My charts are hand designed

All of my patterns are hand designed. What does that mean?

I will show you, with the help of Patrick Gilmore

Ain’t he swell?
If you plop this image into a “Make my photo a pattern” program, you get this:

I’m pretty sure that’s Danny Tanner, not The funny man I was going for. Why did it choose two colors of beige? I have no idea, maybe it’s from the suburbs.

20131104-113318.jpgThere we go.

Instead of an algorithm, I draw out these images using the power of my mind, and tiny little taps on my iPhone (Yes I do all this on my iPhone). Now you know why I don’t make many large patterns.

Hand patterning leans more towards characterized images, not always a pixelated photo style. Smaller patterns can also be tricky (and more fun) because you have less room to manipulate information.

2 thoughts on “My charts are hand designed”

  1. Hey just curious, can I make your pattern, and sell some of my finished products if I credit you in the product description? Ok well let me know, thanks again, I love your work!

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