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I need a life….potion  0

Last weekend was MarCon! I had a great time and think I have recovered. If you are into cosplay or multiple fandoms, then this con is for you. This year was a bit of a rebuilding year so the crowd wasn’t as large, but still tons of fun.

I spent most of my day (since I had an overnight puppy gig on Friday, I just got a Saturday pass) following these guys around20140517-163819.jpg
Behind those awesome 100% home made costumes are my friends Rain & Todd. They did such a fantastic job. I spent most of the day making sure they didn’t bump into walls, and cutting strings off their costumes. Who knew, Tusken Raiders shed. What’s super awesome about the whole day, was that not only did they win the Journeymen category of the big Masquerade, but they won best of show! Even better, you can see how to make your own Lady Tusken from Rain herself Here. No, once again I don’t get paid to say these nice things, they are just amazing.

I wish I had gotten more pics from MarCon, but I was having fun, using other peoples cameras, and mothering Tuskens most of the time. I did get a few on my phone, one which made my day, because he gave me a Jelly Baby!

Mark is my favorite 4!

The Fly!

This guy was super nice, his friend built this awesome suit for him, but I can’t remember the name of the video game.

This guy was great as Rick from The Walking Dead, he had the moves down pat! The pic is red because we were at Barfleet and he was having an in-depth conversation with Todd about the comic books vs show.

There are some much better and pretty cool green screen photos over at The Sci-Fi Photo Guys.


After all that excitement it was time to recharge my hermit batteries, so I cranked out some potion charts for you. These are based off of a game I have been playing since Android was new, Zenonia! It’s more like old school Zelda than any phone game I could find, and I’m addicted. I’m currently playing the 5th installment and it’s killing my sleep patterns. I’m not a big gamer so it holds a special spot in my nerd life.

I’ve got Mana & Life Potions; square with DMC colors and knit blocks, and simplified versions.

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Life Potion DMC
Life Potion Simple DMC
Mana Potion DMC
Mana Potion Simple DMC

Life Potion Knit Pillow
Life Potion Knit Pillow Simplified

Mana Potion Knit Pillow
Mana Potion Knit Pillow Simplified

Walking Dead Finale – Sunset Daryl  2

It’s Sunday, and that means Zombie Night! The Landman and I have made watching the Walking Dead a ritual for us. This last season we have have expanded to watching with a group of friends, since he stopped getting cable. When it’s time to leave he stomps up and down the stairs yelling “Zombies! Zombies!”. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this before, but I really should record the audio some day. He yells it like a lounge singer. It’s one of his more endearing qualities.

Tonight is the season finale and it’s gonna be tense. Who will die, who will live? I doubt if it’s going to be anywhere near as crazy as the Carol & the girls Ep a few weeks back, but I’m sure it’s gonna get messy.

My favorite zombie killer is Mr. Daryl Dixon, that crossbow wielding bad boy with a heart of gold. So this week I have worked on a couple nice Daryl Silhouette at sunset. I have them in different sizes, knit stitch and cross stitch. I also have just the silhouettes (and I spelled silhouette improperly on some of the patterns. I’m dyslexic so that’s the excuse I’m going with).

As always please share your questions and comments, you can follow my tumblr, or tweet me if you don’t want to comment on this page.



*let me know if a link doesn’t work. I guess when I move files it can mess them up. I’ll be checking them but please feel free to let me know if things aren’t working and I will do my best to fix it quickly

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Large
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Large

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Silhouette Cross Stitch

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Small
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Small

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch Smaller
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch Smaller

Daryl Heart – Square Blocks

Daryl Dixon Sunset Tunisian Crochet Pillow
Daryl Dixon Silhouette Tunisian Crochet Pillow

Daryl’s Divas  0

A few years ago I went to my first MidOhioComicon and got a great seat on the Boondock Saints panel. Not only did Roco ask my friend if her strapless dress could possible fall down (video), but I learned about the Fandom of Norman’s Angels. The longer The Walking Dead goes on, the more Daryl’s Divas also appear. It is a fandom phenomenon. Of course I love both Daryl Dixon and Norman Reedus, but these ladies have me beat.

It took me some time, but I finally managed a decent chart of Daryl. Norman is hard to catagorize and even harder to capture in yarn. So I have a pillow chart (DMC colors for the cross stitchers) today. I know there are lots of ladies out there that would kill a herd of zombies to cuddle up to this guy, so I am sure it will be loved.




Daryl Dixon Pillow
Daryl Dixon DMC

Daryl Dixon Pillow BW

Pudding Boy VS Zombies  0

I have been taking antibiotics for a bad tooth for a few days, so I have been pretty exhausted. My body is apparently morning the loss off it’s precious bacteria. Due to my inability to function I have had some time to work on my secret project. It is intarsia Tunisian crochet, and I have only managed to lose my mind twice. I am not looking forward to tying all the ends in, it might require booze or at least a stiff latte.

I have a new fandom to add to my graphs, The Walking Dead. Zombie night has been a big bonding of the house and since my Landman no longer has cable, it is now a night of bonding between our house and our friends who have cable. I’m rooting for Glen, and of course Daryl.

The other week we saw Carl get a taste of normalcy, lose his shoe in Sam’s room and eat a big tub of pudding. If you are a Supernatural fan, this means more to you than the average watcher. If you aren’t, then it’s just hilarious. This made me think more about Carl and I decided to chart a pillow of him. As always I also have the DMC color chart for the cross stitchers among us.



Carl Pillow
Carl DMC

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