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Hello stitchers! When I was a kid my dad had this huge stack of comic books, most of them were Conan the Barbarian, Thor, and Silver Surfers. I however preferred one that my brother thought was kinda lame, Daredevil! This Friday, Neflix released their new Daredevil show, and I just got done binging on the first three episodes. I am very happy with it (much better than the movies). I really like the guy playing Foggy, I would totally hang with him….without the eel drinking that is.

During my viewing I charted up a couple versions of The DD himself. Yes I was watching, I just have a hard time sitting still without having something to do with my hands. I have Daredevil, a simplified version, and also both as just outlines. They are all in 5×6 knit/crochet blocks.

Feel free to contact me with your favorite Matt Murdock moments, pretty pictures of your projects, lethargic links, or charismatic comments. Enjoy! -Molina *Just click on the hyperlink of the charts you like, and it will take you to the free PDF download Daredevil Daredevil Knit

Daredevil Outline Knit image Daredevil Simplified Knit

Daredevil Simplified Outline Knit

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