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R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Hello stitchers, it is a sad day. Today we lost Leonard Nimoy. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad and always loved Spock. He was my favorite. Later in life I watch him in the Star Trek movies, Next Generation, on Fringe, and of course on his occasional guest spots on various shows. He also had a great twitter feed (the obove image is his last avatar), always ending in LLAP.

As it turns out I mourn the same way I love, so I immediately charted out this Spock image I saw on my feed. I haven’t done many Star Trek related charts because there are already so many out there, but this one I felt compelled to do.

Grieving is logical. Live long and prosper my friends.


Spock Knit

Spock Large Print Knit


Chrystal says:

My husband loves star track I haven’t done anything like this I wouldn’t even know how to start it. Would it be hard to do. And how do I get this pattern

F.P. Molina says:

Hello! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just saw your message. If you click on the name of the pattern it will take you to my Dropbox, where you can download it.

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