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Cain, His Fantastic Beard, and Some Bonus Flash

Hello stitchers! As you know, I am a big Supernatural fan. Well this week Cain, and his fantastic beard got quite a blow from his blade buddy Dean. He had some amazing hair this time around to go with the beard. In honor of Cain’s fantastic follicles I have a hand full of Cain knitting block and cross stitch charts for you. I even made a First Blade border for you cross stitchers.

Another one of my Tuesday night pleasures is The Flash, so I decided to thrown in a couple knitting block charts of the Flash emblem. One is the new Flash and one the old school comic book version.

It’s been cold and snowy this past week so I’ve been giving my phone and hand quite a workout to make these, as well as rewatching a few seasons of Buffy. Although I should be taking a few days off to rest my weary hand, I have a special post comming up on March 5th that I am pretty excited about, so stay tuned.

I hope you all are staying warm and well. Please let me know, as always, if you find any bad links, have any questions or comments, want to share your macaroni and cheese recipes, or have pictures of your stitching creations. I love seeing your finished projects.



*Click on the name to get the download for the technical chart

Cain Front KnitCain Knit
Cain Beard Knit
Cain Side KnitCain Side Knit
Cain Side Simplified Knit
Cain side crossCain Side Cross Stitch
Cain crossCain Cross Stitch
Cain Beard Cross Stitch
Cain cross square borderCain Square Border Cross Stitch
Cain Beard Square Border Cross Stitch
Cain cross tall borderCain Tall Border Cross Stitch
Cain Beard Tall Border Cross Stitch
Flash knitNew Flash Knit
Classic Flash Knit
Classic Flash Outline Knit

Cain Perler
Cain Beard Perler


Lisa Grames says:

I am also a big Supernatural fan. I have been cross stitching since I was ten and have been trying to figure out how to make a pattern of the four leads as well as some of the symbols. I would like to make a quilt for my 20 year old niece, who is also a fan of the show. Seeing these makes me see that it can be done. They are very good.

F.P. Molina says:

Thank you, I am so glad you like them! Yes it is always possible to stitch what you love. I have had a lot of practice charting the supernatural family and my earlier charts show I was not as good before. Hopefully I can make some better ones soon, I have been itching to do Crowley! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monika says:

I love this website and your work <3 As a Supernatural fan I can only say – thank you for sharing this. I made Dean from your pattern and it's great <3 Cain pattern looks so awesome, that I have to cross stitch it one day <3

F.P. Molina says:

Thank you so much :) I’m glad you like them and I would love to see your Dean, and your Cain when you finish!

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