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By The Power of Greyskull, Happy New Year!!!!

Hello stitcher! I hope your holidays went well. I spent a long time hanging out with my family and managed not to start the new year sick like usual, even though my mom was sick and had laryngitis which was hilarious for me as I acted as her over-embellishing interpreter. I am also one day away from fulfilling one of my two New Years resolutions, waiting at least a week to eat any of the pickled eggs my dad and I made. It’s been torture. I love pickled eggs.
Pickled eggs
While I was back home I retrieved a quilt hanger out of my brother’s old room. While I was in there I found his best childhood Christmas present, the Castle Greyskull my grandparents got him back in the 80s. I was so jealous, I always got Barbies instead of the He-Man and G.I. Joes my brother got, yes I was always a tomboy.

So my first set of charts this year are some of my childhood favorites: He-Man, She-Ra, The Power Sword, the Sorceress, Evil Lyn, and of course everyone’s favorite stinky villain Skeletor. I have them all in two pillow sizes in knit squares.

I also created a quick multiple choice survey for you to take so that I can better fulfill your stitching wishes this year. I promise you will all get an A+ if you take it!
Working Link To Survey

Enjoy, and have a happy new year!


He yell large
He-Man Pillow Knit Large

He yell small
He-Man Pillow Knit Small

He por big
He-Man Portrait Pillow Knit Large

He por small
He-Man Portrait Pillow Knit Small

He sword
The Power Sword Pillow Knit

She bimg
She-Ra Pillow Knit Large

She small
She-Ra Pillow Knit Small

Sor Big
Sorceress Pillow Knit Large

Sorceress small
Sorceress Pillow Knit Small

Evil Lyn large
Evil Lyn Pillow Knit Large

Evil lyn small
Evil Lyn Pillow Knit Small

Skeletor big
Skeletor Pillow Knit Large

Skeletor small
Skeletor Pillow Knit Small


jenna says:

I dropped by to take the survey, but am wondering: Is Dad’s pickled egg recipe a proprietary secret? If it is, I understand, but if not, maybe he would share? I too, love pickled eggs, but have not developed allegiance to one recipe. Beets over turmeric, for beauty & flavor, is as much of a stand as I’m willing take.
I’m off to the survey, now. Congrats on fulfilling your egg resolution & Happy New Year!

F.P. Molina says:

I dont think we have ever made pickled eggs the same way twice, so i will be of no help for a recipe. I have found that cinamon is a fantastic addition to a sweet egg. I also love pickles, so i have been known to add pickling spices. I am lucky to have a great place to buy bulk herbs and i like to experiment a lot.

Thanks for catching the link error!

jenna says:

Yikes! I can’t get the survey hyperlink to work.

F.P. Molina says:

I am not sure why the link isn’t working….maybe this will work
Link To Survey

Shannon says:

These are great. I am going make pillows with Tunisian Crochet. Now all I need to di is find patterns for Orko and Battle Cat & I am all set. Thanks for the graphs!

F.P. Molina says:

Thank you, and High five to a fellow Tunisian stitcher! I did work on charts for those guys too but I must have thought no one would like them, go figure! Let me know how they turn out!

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