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Pets and Guitars

Hello stitchers! I have left another long lull between post. Once again I have been busy. I was out of town for almost two weeks house and pet sitting for family while they were on vacation. I got to spend some extended time with my first kittie Abigail a.k.a The Baby. I can’t believe it was 10yrs ago she decided I was her mommy. She’s still just as cute and stubborn as ever.
I also got to make a best friend, the cutest puppy ever, Miss Claire Bear.

It was a long trip but I did get to spend a good amount of time with the best niece & nephew ever, had a Doctor Who marathon with my dad, lots of Mexican food, and even got to hang out with my grandma while she was awake.

Once I got back home I got a great surprise “We got you a dog!” Actually my housemate just reacquired his dog, but all puppies in the house are my puppies. So say hello to my new buddy Odin!


While I was gone my friend Andrea was freed from the nursing home and allowed to go home! She still has a good bit of therapy to recuperate from Anti-NMNAR Encephalitis. We were also successful at making Family of Choice a Non-Profit, and I’m the Secretary, like a proper adult.

Over the last month or two I have started listening to a lot more music again, and am realizing how many musicians I know. So I decided to make some guitar pillows, based on a Fender Stratocaster thanks to a friend of mine’s love for his baby. I created a long pillow and two separate pillows that make the whole guitar. I have them as vertically stitched or horizontally stitched, so you can decide which way to go.



Guitar Long Knit

Guitar Long Left Knit

Guitar Long Right Knit

Guitar Tall Knit

Guitar Tall Top

Guitar Tall Bottom Knit

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