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Mōl loves Sloth!

It has been a rather boring yet eventful week. Mainly I was sick and spent most of the time in bed and trying to eat. I feel much better today and for some bizarre reason was thinking about Goonies. If you haven’t seen this movie, then you must. I don’t think I’ve met any adult or kid who doesn’t love this movie. There is pirate treasure, adventure, bad guys and of course Rocky Road!

Due to my recent feelings of monsterdom and my love for all things nostalgic and weird, I decided to whip out a Sloth chart. I just have the knit stitches (5×6). I have been working on a bunch of charts lately but they seem to be multiplying and only being slowly finished. I hope you enjoy this one though. Let me know what other nostalgic or nerdy things you would like to stitch!

Goonies never say die!

– Molina
Sloth Knit Chart

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