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Bag That Angel!

Ever want a Castiel magnet? Well now you can make your own. Watch out for those other flying dick bags though, you never know who might hear it. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. You just don’t watch Supernatural)

I have a variety of Angel Siren chart sizes. I made each in squares (Cross Stitch) and knitting blocks. Also a Fused bead (Perler) pattern and a stencil.

Let me know if you stitch something up, and if you catch any angels.



Angel Siren Extra Large Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Extra Large Knit

Angel Siren Large Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Large Knit

Angel Siren Medium Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Medium Knit

Angel Siren Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Knit

Angel Siren Small Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Small Knit

Angel Siren Extra Small Cross Stitch
Angel Siren Extra Small Knit

Angel Siren XS Fused Bead

Angel Siren Stencil


doctorriversong says:

Hey there,

I’m sorry to leave this as a comment, but I wasn’t sure how to best contact you. I had a question regarding your Supernatural patterns. I have multiple chronic illnesses and require housing accommodations while at college because of that, and my school is charging me additional housing costs in order to make these accommodations. Since I can’t afford this (I can’t even really afford the medicines I need and groceries), I’m trying to fundraise the difference in housing costs. If you would give me permission to do so, I would really love to knit your Supernatural patterns as squares, sew them together into a blanket, and raffle it off to try raising money for my housing. I will only do this with your permission, and you would obviously be credited for your generosity if you agreed to it. I’ll be happy to share more information/explain more if you are interested!

F.P. Molina says:

I sent you a message to your tumblr!

doctorriversong says:

Oh, wow, that was a quick response, thank you! I think my tumblr inbox may have been a jerk and eaten the message.

F.P. Molina says:

I really do need a contact page, it’s on my list. You can email me yourfpmolina

doctorriversong says:

Email sent!

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