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Melinda Freakin May!  0

It has been almost a month since I made a post, seems like forever. Life got a little hectic and then I went home to visit my family for Easter. I have some new housemates, Boots Kittie, Leo Kittie, my new ball playing buddy Harry the dog, and their mom. My allergies and throwing arm have gotten quite a workout. (Harry isn’t very bright but he’s fun and pretty adorable)

Butters Kittie is adjusting but Whiskers Kittie is not a fan of the new company. He pretty much hates everyone though.

If you are at all into the comic book genre, or action, you should really check out Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. One of my favorite ladies Ming-Na Wen, is on it and plays the bad ass Melinda “The Calvary” May. I love me some good hand to hand combat and she sure brings it!

So today I have a Melinda May pattern for you, “pillow sized” as per my norm. I have a square block and a knit block chart. Color and B&W, so you can mix up the colors however you like.

Don’t worry, I have some charts in the works so you won’t have to wait long for more nerdy charts! Please don’t forget to catch me on tumblr, or tweet me, or comments, to let me know who you would like to stitch, or just to say hi!


Melinda May Knit Chart

Melinda May Cross Stitch Chart

Melinda May Color Knit Chart

Melinda May Color Cross Stitch Chart

Doh!  0

In my family Scrabble is a contact sport. If a word is questioned everyone gets a separate Scrabble accepted dictionary to look it up, after the person proves they know the meaning and use of the word. It’s also the the same with birds at the feeder. Because of this I still play words with friends. In real life I can’t spell and always come out dead last, but in Words With Friends I have a computer and no onlookers so my vocabulary can be utilized more efficiently. I have an issue however, “doh” is not acceptable. It’s in the dictionary. I say we start a campaign.

The man who made this particular word famous was of course Homer Simpson. If you didn’t know that already you probably live under a rock.
I have a nice chart of the portly fellow for you today. One in color, and one just outline for you slightly less insane stitchers out there. Both in knit blocks.



Homer Simpson Pillow
Homer Simpson Pillow – Outline

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