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Walking Dead Finale – Sunset Daryl

It’s Sunday, and that means Zombie Night! The Landman and I have made watching the Walking Dead a ritual for us. This last season we have have expanded to watching with a group of friends, since he stopped getting cable. When it’s time to leave he stomps up and down the stairs yelling “Zombies! Zombies!”. I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this before, but I really should record the audio some day. He yells it like a lounge singer. It’s one of his more endearing qualities.

Tonight is the season finale and it’s gonna be tense. Who will die, who will live? I doubt if it’s going to be anywhere near as crazy as the Carol & the girls Ep a few weeks back, but I’m sure it’s gonna get messy.

My favorite zombie killer is Mr. Daryl Dixon, that crossbow wielding bad boy with a heart of gold. So this week I have worked on a couple nice Daryl Silhouette at sunset. I have them in different sizes, knit stitch and cross stitch. I also have just the silhouettes (and I spelled silhouette improperly on some of the patterns. I’m dyslexic so that’s the excuse I’m going with).

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*let me know if a link doesn’t work. I guess when I move files it can mess them up. I’ll be checking them but please feel free to let me know if things aren’t working and I will do my best to fix it quickly

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Large
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Large

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Medium
Daryl Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Silhouette Cross Stitch

Sunset Daryl Knit Pillow – Small
Daryl Silhouette Knit Pillow – Small

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch

Daryl Top Sunset Cross Stitch Smaller
Daryl Top Silhouette Cross Stitch Smaller

Daryl Heart – Square Blocks

Daryl Dixon Sunset Tunisian Crochet Pillow
Daryl Dixon Silhouette Tunisian Crochet Pillow


Kimberly says:

ah! Thank you so much for this! My niece absolutely loves Daryl. I think I’m going to make this for her for Christmas. :D

F.P. Molina says:

Gotta love some Daryl! I’m sure she will love it :) let me know how it turns out.

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