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Let’s throw some money around

Have some leftover odds-n-ends of yarn sitting around? Why not make something fun out of them, like some coin bean bags to throw around? You can stuff them with cotton balls, scraps of fabric, or even dry corn if you are the tossing type. You can also throw some cat nip in there for your feline friends like I do.

I used the bean bag pattern without the outline, just for simplicity’s sake. The light heathery green was sitting around so I used it for the background. The yellow is some rug yarn I got from my mom ages ago. The white, orange and black are from part of my secret project . The yarns are different sizes and the stitches uneven, but I was just having fun with scraps. I did mine in Tunisian crochet knit stitch, so the stitches are more vertical than wide. The cats are gonna dig it.

Just stitch up a bean bag pattern, fold it over, stitch up the edges, stuff and stitch the rest. Simple, fun, nerdy. It’s the little things.

I also have small pillow patterns & single coins, so you can add in some intarsia on a project, or for a Perler bead, or bead weaving pattern. I left the backgrounds grey so you can use whatever color you want, you can always change colors if the ones I use don’t work for you. I even have a slightly fancier pillow pattern, which I have in the shorter squares that most knitting patterns come in. I felt like mixing things up a bit.



Fancy Coin Pillow

Coin Pillow
Coin Bean Bag
Coin Single

Coin Without Outline Pillow
Coin Without Outline Bean Bag
Coin Without Outline Single

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