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Today I had to go get some more yarn for my secret project and while I was piling tweed into my basket a slightly perplexed lady stopped me. Her daughter had essentially been kicked out of a knitting class because she was “annoying” the other ladies. She wanted to know if I could show her a kit or something to buy.

After a few minutes of talking to her I realized what had happened. Her daughter was 16 and all the other students were at least 20-30 years older than her. She was very polite, positive, and very inquisitive. The other students were annoyed because she asked too many questions. As someone who grew up in a family of teachers and has done quite a bit of teaching herself, this really bothers me for two reasons:

A) Either the teacher didn’t want to deal with her or the teacher let the other students bully her into leaving

B) Older people should want younger people to learn, even if they are a little more hyper.

I’m not saying all older people are mean, or all younger people are hyper. I personally have taught older people with smaller attention spans than 5yr olds and young people who learn at a slow pace.

So I set the girl up with some decent needles and decent starter yarn so she could get on YouTube and learn on her own. I also gave her the most important piece of information I could think of, “You will get pissed off and want to quit. Just take a break and go back to it. It happens to everyone”.

Please encourage everyone to learn, even if they drive you a little batty. You might have to take some breaks, but in the end you will both learn something. You might help them find their passion or at least more patience.

Harold Ramis, the beloved Egon Spengler, from the Ghostbusters passed away this last week. I must say he was my favorite as a kid. So I had to chart a pillow of him this week.

Last week I put up some Totoro charts and didn’t get my favorite one finished, so I have it for you today. I also made a simplified version for those of you who like to keep their yarning a bit less stressful. Yes, yarning is a word, and “Let’s yarn”, a proper statement.



Egon Pillow
Egon DMC

Screaming Totoro Pillow
Screaming Totoro DMC

Screaming Totoro Simplified Pillow

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