Graphs for the hapeless fiber artist

Pudding Boy VS Zombies

I have been taking antibiotics for a bad tooth for a few days, so I have been pretty exhausted. My body is apparently morning the loss off it’s precious bacteria. Due to my inability to function I have had some time to work on my secret project. It is intarsia Tunisian crochet, and I have only managed to lose my mind twice. I am not looking forward to tying all the ends in, it might require booze or at least a stiff latte.

I have a new fandom to add to my graphs, The Walking Dead. Zombie night has been a big bonding of the house and since my Landman no longer has cable, it is now a night of bonding between our house and our friends who have cable. I’m rooting for Glen, and of course Daryl.

The other week we saw Carl get a taste of normalcy, lose his shoe in Sam’s room and eat a big tub of pudding. If you are a Supernatural fan, this means more to you than the average watcher. If you aren’t, then it’s just hilarious. This made me think more about Carl and I decided to chart a pillow of him. As always I also have the DMC color chart for the cross stitchers among us.



Carl Pillow
Carl DMC

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