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It feels good to finish something

Yesterday I finally finished 1-11 Doctor Who charts! It took me a little longer than expected, but hey, life can get in the way sometimes. You should go check them out, they are pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

I have also been stitching some as well, you’ll get to see them when I finish. Do you work on multiple projects at a time? I have to have at least two or three going at all times, of each medium. Creativity can be exhausting & fantastic for making you into a social hermit.

Since I have been so far behind on my posts lately, I decided to just sit down and crank out a new chart before dinner…ya it’s almost 10pm. What can I say, I suffer for my art.

Today I bring you everyone’s crazy telepathic, multidimensional, or whatever alien: Stark from Farscape. If you have never watched Farscape, I highly suggest it. Who doesn’t live Ben Browder in leather pants, and Claudia Black too for that matter, oh and puppets & crazy bad guys & all kinds of screwy mind melts. Good stuff.
It’s a pillow pattern, with DMC color chart as well, for the cross stitchers out there.




Stark Pillow
Stark Pillow DMC

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