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Daryl’s Divas

A few years ago I went to my first MidOhioComicon and got a great seat on the Boondock Saints panel. Not only did Roco ask my friend if her strapless dress could possible fall down (video), but I learned about the Fandom of Norman’s Angels. The longer The Walking Dead goes on, the more Daryl’s Divas also appear. It is a fandom phenomenon. Of course I love both Daryl Dixon and Norman Reedus, but these ladies have me beat.

It took me some time, but I finally managed a decent chart of Daryl. Norman is hard to catagorize and even harder to capture in yarn. So I have a pillow chart (DMC colors for the cross stitchers) today. I know there are lots of ladies out there that would kill a herd of zombies to cuddle up to this guy, so I am sure it will be loved.




Daryl Dixon Pillow
Daryl Dixon DMC

Daryl Dixon Pillow BW

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