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Last night I was so excited, I only had one more Doctor to chart for my Doctor Who set of pillows. I was finishing up some of the details then….my phone went black. I was so focused that I totally ignored the fact that my phone was dying and I hadn’t saved any of my work. Back in my day we had to hand write reports, saving is not second nature. I was so bummed I just made some hot cocoa and watched Supernatural, and sulked a bit. Luckily I have something saved for just such an occasion (more on that later).

In my quest to make charts that are not just for Stargate, Doctor and Supernatural fans, I’ve been trying to think of other fandoms that get a less than stellar crafty review. I’m itching to make some Firefly charts, I just need to do some research. Such torture. Who doesn’t want a Malcolm Reynolds pillow anyway?

What fandom do you think is given the cold shoulder? Doctor Who was given the cold shoulder when I was a kid and no one got excited when I made a paper mâché Dalek in art class, mainly because I only knew three other people who knew what Doctor Who was. Let me know and I’ll see if I can help make your stitching dreams come true.

Back to my previously mentioned emergency backup chart. I have Teal’c for you, the ‘Went back in time to save SG1 so I have a cool grey patch in my hair’ Teal’c. He’s a lot more cuddly with hair I think. I have a pillow chart, with larger print version & DMC colors for you cross stitchers.

As always, please feel free to comment or sent me a tweet with any questions, comments, suggestions, or pictures of your creations. Enjoy!


Teal’c Pillow
Teal’c Pillow Large Print
Teal’c DMC

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