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I need a tv, ok I want a tv

My schedule has changed a bit, currently care taking for a lady who recently had a stroke, so I don’t have as much free time for charting or yarning. It’s great to be a functional adult again though.

In other news, it’s the last season of Supernatural & I don’t have a tv. This means I have to rely on the CW iPhone ap to watch the new eps. I miss following @Jarpad’s live tweets. I also dislike getting spoilers & being behind. I know, so sad right?

I was going through my pattern archives & found some Supernatural patterns I totally forgot about. I made them all the same size so they can be made into pillows, sewn together to make a blanket, or into large washcloths. I also decided to throw you the “true” pattern of the line work versions, so you can add it to a hat or socks, or whathaveyou. I took them & made an Essence of Dean pillow as well.



Essence of Dean Pillow
Essence of Dean Pillow Large Print

Essence of Dean Pillow B&W

Dean’s Pendant
Dean’s Pendant B&W
Dean’s Pendant True


Samulet Pillow Knit


Big Samulet Pillow Knit

Ruby’s Knife
Ruby’s Knife B&W
Ruby’s Knife True

Pie B&W
Pie True

Bobby’s Flask
Bobby’s Flask B&W
Bobby’s Flask True

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