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Happy Thanksgiving!  0


I had a sudden lay-off of sorts at the beginning of the month and realized I wouldn’t have the means to go home for Thanksgiving, and the family’s annual gingerbread decorating bonanza.

My niece being super cute last year. Her mom is up top.

So I decided to book myself with some extra time with my old buddies Travis and Sprocket.

Travis loves his bone & pretending he’s a lap dog.

I also decided to watch the dog show with the Weims. It was exhausting for them.

I am taking this opportunity to encourage you to spend the rest of the week with friends and family. Instead of waiting in line to buy the next gizmo, sit and chat while making something by hand that someone will charish. A nice painting or pillow won’t go obsolete in 6 months. Ever since I was a kid I have felt a little bad when I’ve bought all my presents. My family always wants art anyway, it’s the curse of being an artist. No one ever asks my dad for free blood work for Christmas.

Today I made a Patrick Gilmore approved image of him as Captain Chaos. What can I say, I have a soft spot for guys in touch with their inner child.

I have to get back to the girls & pining for my grandmas cranberry salad. Be grateful & be safe on the roads!



Patrick Gilmore – Captain Chaos Pillow


Captain Chaos Simplified

Doctor Who!!!  49

It’s about 5:00am and I recently woke up. Usually this is about the time I would finally go to sleep, but I took the Weims on extra long walks today and ended up turning in early so I could get up in the morning and go to a local theater to watch The Big 50th Anniversary Episode of a Doctor Who!!!!! I have been super excited about Doctor Who for weeks. I have been watching it since I can remember, back on the Black & White we had at the farm house. Tonight happened to be the night my Landman decided to fire up the furnace, we burn wood not gas. I woke up sweating because I had grown used to using my electric blanket and trying not to touch the floor. Since I was up and super excited for tomorrow, I figured I would make this post. I found a great image of all the Doctors, on the Internet (Tracked it back to here) 20131123-051530.jpg I thought they would be great as patterns so I whipped a couple up. I also have a couple Tardis washcloths I had previously posted on my old blog. I hope to get the rest of the Doctors up by January, so stop back & check up on them. If you would really like one in particular for me to work on next, let me know. I’m not going in any order. I’m going to try and go back to sleep, and not sleep in for all the fun. Enjoy & save some Jelly Babies for me! -Molina
P.S. These would also make a simple bag. Make two sides, just like the pillow, line with fabric and ad a strap. 20131123-045832.jpg Tardis Washcloth Small 20131123-045900.jpg IMG_2006.JPG *Transformed into a throw by Christine

Tardis Washcloth Large

Tardis VortexTardis Vortex Cross Stitch
Tardis 2Tardis 2 Knit
Tardis 3Tardis 3 KnitHartnel
William Hartnell Square Block
William Hartnell Knit Block
Patrick Troughton Square Block
Patrick Troughton Knit Block
Jon Pertwee Square Block
Jon Pertwee Knit Block
Tom baker
Tom Baker Square Block
Tom Baker Knit Block
Peter Davison
Peter Davison Square Block
Peter Davison Knit Block
Collin baker
Colin Baker Square Block
Colin Baker Knit Block
Sylvester McCoy Square Block
Sylvester McCoy Knit Block
Paul McGann
Paul McGann Square Block
Paul McGann Knit Block
Christopher Eccleston Square Block
Christopher Eccleston Knit Block
David Tennant
David Tennant Square Block
David Tennant Knit Block
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Square Block
Matt Smith Knit Block
Peter Capaldi Square Block
Peter Capaldi Knit Block

Rudolph the Stitched Reindeer  0

Yesterday I was huddled under my electric blanket, wishing I had some hot cocoa (feel free to send me gifts of hot cocoa), and poking around on Pintrest. Yes Pintrest, that place where the obsessive creators mingle with the mearly dreaming. My friend Rain posted this one Rudolph Ornament DIY that caught my eye.

So I spent most of today tapping these patterns out as the Landman hammered things downstairs.

There is one large pillow that I think would also be great in cross stitch, two washcloths and two Perler patterns (added a cross stitch pattern). As always, feel free to change colors to your style, or in my case usually, to make the colors you already have work.



Vintage Reindeer Pillow

Vintage Reindeer Brown Pillow

Vintage Reindeer Large Washcloth

Vintage Reindeer Washcloth

Vintage Reindeer Large Perler
Vintage Reindeer Large Perler Browns

Vintage Reindeer Perler

Vintage Reindeer Brown Cross

The Pope  0

As a kid I had this almost elfin concept of The Pope, he seemed so fairy tail like. Today I still have a slight fascination with the pomp & circumstance of the Catholic faith, I mean who doesn’t love delicately painted icons & waiting for the black smoke? The Pope is like the King of a border less kingdom of people who may or may not live up to all the expectations of their fellow citizens. The current Pope seems to be pretty cool, the last one kind of scared me. I dug John Paul, but this guy keeps making some pretty cool waves, I mean he publicly doesn’t want gay people to be hated! He also doesn’t use the Popemobile, but I will give him a pass on that.

The number one thing we see The Pope, do is wave, so it seemed the perfect pose to put him in for this dandy pillow pattern. If you want to get crazy you can even sew some gold beads & sequins on his awesome hat.

It has been a bit since I have made a new post, but I have updated my Weims!!! post with a few new patterns you might like, if you are into that kind of thing.

Enjoy El Papa!


P.S. I am not making fun of Catholics or The Pope, just to preempt any hate mail.

Waving Pope Pillow
Just add a border till it fits your pillow form, then make a single color for the back. I would change out the blue for whatever color might go with your decor.

Waving Pope Cross Stitch DMC
Might make a nice mountable piece.

Waving Pope Outline
Great for a textured pillow, or two toned pillow.

When Meerkoons attack  0

I live in the city, right across the freeway from a Downtown, in a bad part of town, “The Hood”. One night I went out to get Mr Whiskers who was whining at the door. I go out & a pack of raccoons were running by, heard me, and promptly ran under my car. At this moment I was glad that I didn’t own a hunting dog, for my car would surely be totaled.

For some strange reason this idea popped into my head:

Herds of half Racoon, half Meercat. Yes, my brain has obviously been tampered with. I made some Perler bead patterns out of these little guys because I didn’t think anyone would want to knit them, but then again I do make strange patterns. You can use them to knit if you like, the patterns are basically structured the same.

Keep your trash can lids secure and enjoy!


Calm Meerkoon

Grabby Meerkoon

Pensive Meerkoon

Lunulas & New things  0

I was so excited to be able to make decent cross stitch patterns, thanks to a program upgrade a few months ago, that I decided to go crazy and make a pattern for several different techniques. I quickly realized that I was making a cross stitch pattern with way too many half stitches, which I hate doing. So after this set I will probably only be making whole stitch cross stitch patterns with a half stitch thrown in here or there. Bloody exhausting.

The image I picked is of an old Norse/Slavic pendant called a Lunula, that only women would wear. The one I based this particular set on, I found the image on Pinterest, but found this link with more information:

Pretty cool huh? There is a nifty one on that site made with birds, that I might try my hand at some day. Since I can’t afford a nice shiny reproduction I will be stitching mine. I have a pair of jeans that need a little cross stitch action……after I finish my holiday presents :(

I have two knit/crochet patterns, a cross stitch, and a Perler bead pattern for you fiber impaired folks out there.

Let me know what you are making or if you have any pattern requests! If it catches my imagination I might just whip it up.

Enjoy the Lunulas!


Knit/Crochet/Full Stitch Cross Stitch

Knit/Crochet/Full stitch Cross Stitch, Bordered

Cross Stitch Blues
Cross Stitch Greys

Perler Blues
Perler Greys

Donuts!!  0

I’m one of those weird Gluten Free people, I know it sounds crazy, but I feel 100% better when I don’t eat that fantastically tasty stuff. Which means when I get certain cravings I only get as close as smelling them, then back away slowly. Every once in awhile I get a craving for a nice maple roll, or on one particular day DONUTS! So I made patterns instead.

There are several sizes and variations to choose from, to fulfill all your Gluten-Free yarn fantasies. I made a trivet with plastic canvas (in purples) using the washcloth pattern, but gave it to my sister-in-law before I got to take a pic. I’ll try and steal a shot the next time I visit.



Large Donut Black
Large Donut Color
Large Donut Color With Outline
These are good for adding to pillows or sweaters if used with larger gadges. I base everything on 5×5 per square inch.

Color Donut
Color Donut Washcloth
Black Donut
Black Donut Washcloth
These donuts can be used for larger Perler bead patterns as well as stitching.
These washcloth patterns make larger sized washcloths.

Small Black Donut
Small Black Donut Washcloth
Small Color Donut
Small Color Donut Washcloth
These small patterns are great for adding to smaller projects, as well as for Perler bead fusing.
These washcloth patterns are great for what I think of as the smaller “Person Sized” washcloths.

Donut Tiny Color
Donut Coaster
Donut Tiny Black
Donut Black Coaster
These tiny donuts are great for adding to smaller projects, Perlers bead fusing, and even bead weaving projects.
These coaster patterns are great for using up leftover yarn to make matching table coasters.

Fair Isle Variations (Small Print)
Fair Isle Variations (Large Print)

Donuts & Coffee


Rack’um Up  0

I’m kind of a hermit. I like sitting alone, tinkering with my yarn or paints, or fabric, or objects of complex origins. I’m the one at parties who tries to find the darkest most hidden place to sit, but it usually doesn’t work. People like me, dogs like me, cats like me and kids like me, it’s a curse.

The other night my Landman caught me coming home with a couple arm loads of pilfered jewels from my old roomate’s “moving party” ( and some stuff I accidentally left when I moved, like my Awesome Cookie Sheet!!). I was weighed down & slow, I could not evade him. His nice friend was hanging out & they talked me into playing “One Game of Pool”. Yep, it was well after midnight before I got to carry all my goodies upstairs. I was also too tired to chop up the veggies to make soup in my newly acquired crock pot. Socialization, totally kills my food prep.

So today I have a nice rack of pool balls to stitch, since for some reason I couldn’t remember how to rack 8 ball properly, please don’t tell my uncle’s they will mock me for years.



20131103-133754.jpgPool Rack


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